ladish roadmap update, mobilis in mobili
(Nedko Arnaudov`s blog)

ladish initial roadmap was set more than two years ago and like it or not, some things have changed since then. The most important thing is JACK session that was released earlier this year. It gained some popularity and seems to be looked for, despite its drawbacks. So the the next ladish release will have JACK session and LASH support.These were originally planned for preview 5 (ladish-0.5) but are here already. The export/import feature was planned for preview 4 (ladish-0.4) but there seems to be little demand for it. The other feature that was planned for 0.5, libladish, is not forgotten and its goal is still valid - to provide the perfect session management API. Unfortunately JACK session introduction caused big disturbance in The Force that lowered expectations, promotes ignorance and attempts to reject the path of perfection. So libladish is moving forward to future perfect, maybe even post-1.0.

From now on the roadmap will not try to cover long term goals anymore, except for the 2.0 feature set (multihost sessions). The 0.5 milestone is removed and 0.4 is redefined. The next release will be ladish-0.4 (preview 4). Given that even in its current state ladish serves its main goals, the release after 0.4 may be 1.0.

After the 1.0 release I’ll switch to integer version numbering. To me this approach makes much sense for projects driven by a single man. 2.0 milestone will be renamed to “Distributed studio” to better reflect the availability expectations - when it’s ready. New releases will be rolled out when the codebase has enough important changes.

Created: Tue Oct 11 05:01:36 +0300 2011

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