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I’ve done some cleanup of the dv2dv util. The results are in this git

http://nedko.arnaudov.name/git/cgit.cgi/dv2dv/ (cgit url)

You can clone it from this URL:


I’ve kept dv2dv only and removed the quicktime support. I’ve removed the
autotools stuff. ATM it builds using simple GNUmakefile. I may make a
wscript for it in future.

Now it does not require any library, not even libdv. I’m yet to find why
there were calls to libdv. I suspect support for avi dv type 2.

There are two problems that I currently hit. The one is that if built as
a 64bit binary, it crashes. I’ve found and fixed (but not commited) some
problematic places but there seem to be more. The other problem is that
for some reason dv2dv fails to convert avi files exported by Adobe

Created: Sun Feb 06 13:28:52 +0200 2011

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