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I’ve created the ladish-0.3-rc20110102 release candidate tarball.
Download from from here:

There are two changes since ladish-0.3-rc20101231:
 * Improve the fix for #62 so that L1 apps with a2j ports
   are properly handled.
 * Implement a workaround for a jack2/jackdbus bug that happens from
   time to time.

The jack2/jackdbus bug, when hits, caused a project unload, studio
stop, app stop or app remove to never finish. It happened to me from
time to time, with yoshimi or ardour client box not leaving the gladish

There are no pending tickets for 0.3 so with more luck this tarball
will be identical to the 0.3 release that will follow in few days.

Created: Sun Jan 02 15:49:59 +0200 2011

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