jack1 jackdbus and ladish
(Nedko Arnaudov`s blog)

Recently I’ve been hit by a bug in jack2 and this motivated me to bring jack1 jackdbus to state useful for ladish setups. The result is in the dbus git branch in my jack1 git repo. I successfully loaded a project created on a jack2 studio in a room created in a jack2 studio. If you wonder why this is something that is worth to mention, here is the reason: The ALSA raw midi driver in jack1 creates its ports as part of the alsa_pcm client while audio ports are part of the system client. In jack2, both audio and midi ports are part of the system client. It is problematic to restore session saved on different hardware (in this case it is actually jack1 vs jack2) because connection endpoints are named differently. This is the problem the ladish rooms aim to solve. Room defines a fixed set of “hardware” ports. Because ports have fixed meaning that can be determined by the session manager, loading of projects always connect the ports. The room “hardware” ports are the one side of the JACK multi-core “cable” (aka “snake). The other side appears in the studio graph where they can be connected to the actual hardware ports. This approach also allows complex setups where there are multiple interconnected rooms. Here are two screenshots:

Created: Sat Sep 11 18:41:00 +0300 2010

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