ladish-0.3 is much closer now
(Nedko Arnaudov`s blog)

As some of you know, the main goal for the next release is to implement rooms and save/load of projects in rooms. Although this feature may get few tweaks here and there, I’m happy to announce that I consider it finished now.

The code in git has no known regressions against ladish-0.2. If you feel brave, you are welcome to try it.

I plan to release ladish-0.3 around New Year’s Eve (almost 4 months ahead). In the following months I’ll try to do the rest of the scheduled work.

The Discuss LADI mailing list has been quite silent recently but the IRC channel is quite the opposite. distrozapper, falxtx and nick87720z are especially active. distrozapper is testing ladish on regular basis. falxtx is working mainly on integration of LADI technologies into the KXStudio Linux distribution and he made some nice ladish-aware tools, especially klaudia and festige. nick87720z is working on a new ladish feature - the ability to adopt processes/programs that were started externally.

Some of you may have noticed that jack-1.9.6 was recently released. distrozapper reports problems on his machine. It works fine on mine though. More reports are needed, so please try jack-1.9.6 and report. The ladish git submodule for jack is currently set to contain jack-1.9.6 + no-self-connect stuff (the ladi branch). The jack repo also has a tag named ladi-1.9.5 . This tag contains all ladi-related fixes
against jack-1.9.5 (that are part of 1.9.6 too) plus the no-self-connect changeset.

Created: Mon Sep 06 00:01:48 +0300 2010

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