Flattr? Hmmm...
(Nedko Arnaudov`s blog)

Today a clever guy came to the #ladi IRC channel and told me about http://flattr.com/. Indeed Flattr looks like a good way to donate a fixed amount of money per month (the minimum is €2) to the world of things one likes.You click on icons that represent “things” and at the end of the month your fixed donation is split (equally) among things that you liked. These things can be anything, from software projects to blog entries, from video to photos and music. It looks like a good way to donate to small open source projects that are often lead by a single person. The world of Linux Audio is full of such projects and as a test, I’ve used some of the donations I’ve received in past to register myself. For good or bad this is needed: in order to register “things” that can get income, one has to give money as well.

I like the video that explains the Flattr and in general the site looks nice and is not too heavy. The absence of OpenID login was unexpected though and was somewhat annoying. Hey! It is 2010!

So I’ve registered ladish as a “thing” and looked for cool software that I use on regular basis and some Linux Audio software that I like. The only one I’ve found is the Jacker by Leonard Ritter (a.k.a paniq) - a JACK-MIDI sequencer with tracker interface. I’ll definitively like to split my donation into more parts if other Linux Audio software developers register their cool projects. To name a few: epichord, calf, yoshimi, phasex, ingen, dino and the non-things.

Created: Fri Aug 13 02:22:00 +0300 2010

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