ladish rooms and other good news
(Nedko Arnaudov`s blog)

This week I’m on vacation and hopefully will be able to improve ladish rooms so they can save and load projects. More and more people are attracted by LADI and this definitively increases my motivation to work on it. My plan to finish the mixes of songs that I’ve started the last year also increase my motivation. Some of the new community members have coding skills and hopefully soon someone will start contributing code. Still, even now a good number of users without coding skills have made great contributions on the wiki. Recently even a native english speaker, Cody Loyd, joined and he already edited the tutorial text, so it is hopefully a little clearer now or at least more proper English. The distro affair is going well too. KX Studio is improving a lot and Filipe (aka falktx) even has made some GUI frontends for jackdbus and ladishd. Mike Cookson is improving cooperation between his JACK Network Manager and ladish.

Created: Wed Aug 04 15:31:43 +0300 2010

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